Note: I tried to restore this page the best I could from the archives I had saved on my computer, and Russler Steel images I’ve gathered from websites like Pinterest.

Cocobola Russler

This is the most popular Russler Steel Guitar!

2012 Russler Bumble Bee Stinger

Curley Maple Red Abalone Inlay Russler2012

“Split Eaze Action” Controllers, makes adding compensators and equalizing pedals, “Feel like they aren’t even there”.

SUNBURST Russler2012

(one of my personal favorites)

The Custom Special Russler Cocobola

Russler Birdseye Maple Steel Guitar “The Rangler 2011”

Russ Hicks With HisĀ Russler 2012 Black Diamond

Russler Blue Darlin D10-9X5