Rare photos of how a Russler Steel Guitar is manufactured, which all starts with carefully selecting the wood.

Our wood comes in very ruff cut. Joe and Dan at OldMil will cut the wood from quarter sawed maple timber down to over size dimensions needed. This will then be worked down to the final size for sanding to get to the perfect fit within .005 specifications for the wood deck height and endplate fit.

Cutting the wood to fit the end plates. This is all done before the wood is sanded to it’s final thickness.

Russ asking about the special template made by OldMil to make our wood cuts the same every time.

Russ is talking with Joe at OldMil about how the Russler Steel Guitar wood must fit the endplates, and why this is so important in a quality built guitar.

The sander is what makes it all come together. It can get the wood end to end side to side within .001 That is 1 Thousand of an inch. A piecs of hair is around .009 It makes for a perfect fit cabinet.